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Transform your kitchen with Creative Remodeling. Our expert team specializes in high-quality kitchen remodeling projects, delivering stunning results that exceed expectations. Discover our custom designs, superior craftsmanship, and exceptional customer service. Contact us today for a consultation.

Bathroom Remodeling Projects

Creative Remodeling can help you transform your bathroom. Our team specializes in gorgeous bathroom remodeling projects that realize your ideas. We'll take care of every stage of the process, from opulent spa vacations to contemporary renovations. Don't wait to begin designing your ideal bathroom!

Garage Conversion Projects

Unleash your creativity with Creative Remodeling 1's garage conversion projects. Transform your unused garage into a functional and stylish space that fits your lifestyle. Trust our experienced team to bring your vision to life. Get started on your dream garage conversion today!

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All You Need to Know About Creative Remodeling

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Joining the field of construction at a young age, we’ve experienced it’s specific needs and challenges.

Our mission is to continue revolutionizing a field that has always had a traditional approach, bringing new building trends into the field and implementing modern technology in our workspace.

We look forward to creating something great together and welcome you to a new world of design & build.

Why Creative Remodeling 1?

Quality craftsmanship that lasts

With years of experience in the industry, we pride ourselves on delivering top-notch craftsmanship that stands the test of time. From start to finish, we pay attention to every detail, ensuring a beautiful and durable result.

Affordable luxury at your fingertips

We believe that everyone deserves a beautiful home. That's why we offer competitive pricing without compromising on quality. Experience the luxury of professional remodeling services at an affordable price.

Your satisfaction guaranteed

Your satisfaction is our top priority. We strive to exceed your expectations by providing exceptional customer service and delivering results that will leave you thrilled with your newly remodeled space.

Testimonials: How Creative Remodeling 1 Transformed Homes and Lives

Yana Journo
Yana Journo
I usually don’t like to write reviews, but these guys really impressed me! I’m a picky customer and I wanted to have something special in my house. This team not only did what I want, but they patiently listened to every idea I had and found the cheapest way to make it happen! I’m very satisfied! Thank you guys! I will recommend your company to all my friends!

Efi J.
Efi J.
We did a full renovation of our house this year and the process, that usually is very stressful and draining was turned into a pleasant experience. So I decided to write a review. Big thanks to Creative Remodeling #1! You are really a number 1! Everything was done very fast every detail has been chosen very precisely. We are very satisfied with our results and recommend everyone to call Creative Remodeling for your home improvement ideas and needs.
Mary M.
Mary M.
I Hired Yosef Sholon, owner of Creative Remodeling to fix my guest house that was built in the 80’s illegally;not by me, but the previous owner. He told me he had experience in making an illegal guest house legal, he said he also had his own guest house legalized easily. He gave me a verbal estimate of $55 k dollars to fix myn guest house. Then he arrived at my house with two blank contracts, he gave the contracts to me and dictated to me on what to write, apparently he doesn’t know how to write in English. First contract was for Plans/Engineering, and Second contract was to fix the house, BUT HE DICTATED TO ME “FIX FOUNDATION” $40 k DOLLARS. I had no experience in hiring a contractor nor construction, so I didn’t think anything bad at the time. Then, after I payed for permits/engineer/architect, got the city permit, he started the job. They dug around where the foundation should have been,and poured 5 footings and didn’t connect the footings to the foundation with iron bars; then the city inspector came to inspect and didn’t approve what he had done, saying he should have done something else before pooring the footings, fix the pipes, etc. By this time, he had already asked me for the second check, so at this time I had payed him $25 k dollars with nothing approved by the city. Then he called the architect demanding him to change plans; the architect denied; he threated the architect with a lawsuit; the architect contacted his attorney and was told not to speak with him ever again; from there on it should only be written correspondence. Then, we meet at the guest house with a witness, and he gave me another estimate for $26 k dollars, to have work that should have done before laying the footings, but I didn’t know about it; I was only told after the NON APPROVED notice from the city. I had no idea how to proceed. He denies quoting me $55 k dollars, which I should have had recorded on my cell phone; but I assumed he was honest; now I know better. Beware! Now, as the letter from the city planning dept stated I had to demolish all work done previously in the 80’s withou a permit; now everything is demolished; and I’m heading to file a lawsuit in court against Yosef Sholon from Creative Remodeling.
Kim V.
Kim V.
Yosi is a wonderful contractor!! He remodeled my entire condo and I cannot say enough good things about him. This was my first time doing any type of construction and Yosi made it effortless for me. I was very apprehensive as a single female who worked a full time job. Especially with the horror stories you hear. This was never the case with Yosi. I never felt taken advantage of and I felt like he went the extra mile to make it all so easy for me. When he first came to give a bid, he asked if he should take his shoes off and then I knocked over a shoe and left it but he bent down to straighten it. That’s how detail oriented and amazing Yosi is. During the remodel, I had an enormous amount of roadblocks with my HOA and Yosi handled all of them for me. He is incredibly responsive by phone and I never waited more than a few minutes for a reply, even sometimes into the evening. Any new HOA issue I brought to him, he had it handled immediately. And any time I saw something that I wanted changed, his immediate response was that he would take care of it. There was never any back and forth or headache from Yosi’s part. His customer service is out of this world. Yosi helped me every step of the way. He helped me pick out all the finishing materials and gave me his honest opinion on things that I was hesitant about. He also offered his design opinions and asked me about other finishes I never even thought about. I love how my home turned out and Yosi is to thank for all of it, design included. I was worried that I would not be able to oversee any of the remodel given my full time job, but Yosi and his team are truly amazing. I left all my worldly possessions in my condo in boxes and I never had to worry about them. They moved them around as needed and everything was undamaged at the end. His cleaner at the end even cleaned the outside of my windows to make it all brand new. He’s done so many amazing things for me and I can’t described them all but all in all, you can’t go wrong with Yosi and his team. They truly are one of a kind!!
Jennifer A.
Jennifer A.
Yosi, Erik and crew did a good job remodeling our kitchen and bathroom. Most of the project took two weeks as promised. Yosi is thorough and focused on every detail, and gets exactly what you want for your budget. Hardworking crew and helpful to our family.
Sara R.
Sara R.
I want to share the experience of our bathroom remodel with everyone at Creative Remodeling #1. So nice and professional from the estimate to completion. Yosi gave us good advice on everything from tile selection, fixtures and hardware. I am so impressed with the entire experience and would recommend Creative Remodeling #1 to everyone looking for a quality remodel. They made an intimating experience the BEST!!
Jason K.
Jason K.
Yosi did an exceptional job completely remodeling my bathroom, and his team was always on time and did great work. Yosi made sure his crew was supervised and knew what they were doing. I give him a lot of credit for being ‘hands on’ when it came to each stage of the demo and eventual rebuild. He even personally helped deliver the new vanity I bought and made sure all the plumbing fit properly. As with all remodeling, there were a lot of plumbing issues that popped up while they were breaking all of it down and installing the new tub and fixtures, and his team worked overtime to make sure everything fit and there were no leaks! They even worked on Saturdays! His prices are very competitive, but what makes him stand out is his dedication to his clients and making sure everything is done PROPERLY. He’s also good with texting and phone calls, he stays in touch and answers questions as they pop up. If you know what you want, and you have a budget in mind, he will work with you to make it happen. I’d recommend him for any work, definitley.
Deanne R.
Deanne R.
This company has amazing customer service, which is almost nonexistent these days. They called me back immediately, scheduled a free estimate for the following day and replaced our 8 feet French door within the week. Exceptional work!!! Just gorgeous with great attention to detail and also kept the area clean. Polite, professional and quality work!! Next will be building a deck outside and then roofing They do it all and WELL!! Highly recommended
Negar V.
Negar V.
I found this company on Angie’s list. Yossi was the most responsive company out of the 5 I looked into, and he was very proactive in coming out and giving me a realistic and fair job estimate for the remodel of two bathrooms in my condo. I found his team courteous, hard working, and very good at their jobs. I highly recommend this company. Yossi is fair, knowledgeable, and realistic about costs and timelines. He’s fantastic to work with. My bathrooms turned out beautiful. He was on top of the permitting process and very good at communicating daily.
John W.
John W.
They were experts at adding an apartment in my backyard . The from start to finish they completed on-time and with such attention to detail and so easy to work with!
Kiley H.
Kiley H.
Thank you to Yosi and his outstanding team from Creative Remodeling, my home is absolutely astonishing and everything I asked for. We put a plan into place and with little time, Yosi had blue prints ready. I wanted to remodel my home into more of a family style, but also have gatherings and fun. He landscaped the front and back, put beautiful grass and garden, a huge pool, and a bbq area! He also remodeled my bathrooms and put in doors that opened up to porch and patio. I would highly recommend, fast, efficient, and professional. Never had any issues while construction was in process, very reliable and honest.

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"We could not be more happy with our recently renovated kitchen and bathroom in our new home expansion made possible by Creative Remodeling #1. Quality work to get a fair cost professional strategy, fine and clean workmanship made our renovation worth the time plus expense."

Rebecca R. | JAN 30, 2020

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